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The Pensions Action Group published an occasional newsletter at irregular intervals during the height of the campaign.

The newsletter files are in pdf format which your device should be able to display and print. If you have problems, you may need to download the free reader from (You can uncheck the box against any additional software they offer as it's not needed.)

You can also save a copy onto your hard disk. In Internet Explorer you can do this either by clicking on the floppy disk icon on the toolbar or by pressing Alt and then selecting 'File' and 'Save as' from the menu.

To receive notification by email if publication of the newsletter is restarted, send a blank message to the editor here

Here is a full set of the newsletters which have been distributed (click on the date to open):

Issue Date Main story
1 August 2006 Select committee slams Government over lost pensions
2 September 2006 Labour conference demo, and Saga joins the campaign
3 October 2006 Report on Labour conference demo and speeches
4 November 2006 London protest march, government rejects Ombudsman's report
5 December 2006 Parliamentary debate and demonstration reports
6 January 2007 Early-Day Motions and a spoof letter
7 February 2007 Judicial review protest, European Court verdict
8 March 2007 Judicial review verdict,
9 April 2007 Impact of Gordon Brown's tax raid
10 May 2007 Possible second judicial review, parliamentary activity
11 June 2007 Lords defeat governmemt on pensions amendments
12 July 2007 Parliamentary debates, letter to Gordon Brown
13 August 2007 Lost parliamentary vote, Government attacks Ombudsman in court
14 September 2007 Labour conference demonstration, FAS consultation
15 November 2007 Downing Street vigil
16 December 2007 Dramatic improvements to FAS announced
17 February 2008 Victory in the Court of Appeal - government behaviour 'irrational'
18 March 2008 1st draft of new FAS regulations published for consultation
19 May 2008 Government response to consultation
20 September 2008 Reports on PAG activities
21 February 2009 Final consultation on FAS regulations
22 May 2009 Demonstrations at Westminster and in Wales
23 September 2009 Labour conference demonstration
24 December 2009 Lobbying MPs, DWP meetings
25 April 2010 General Election issues
26 September 2010 Tory Conference demonstration
27 March 2011 Cardiff demonstration
28 September 2011 LibDem and Tory Conference demonstrations
29 November 2011 No more cash for FAS, says minister
30 October 2012 Tory Conference demonstration, launch of auto-enrolment
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