Pensions Action Group

To All Supporters of the Campaign for Pension Justice

Saga fully supports the Pensions Action Group and will continue to do so until a satisfactory solution is found.

We are campaigning in and out of Parliament to obtain natural justice for the victims of the failed pension schemes.

We applaud the action being taken to take the Government to a judicial review of its rejection of the Ombudsman’s recommendation that you should be compensated. It is an indictment of the attitude of the Government that you have to go to such lengths for justice. Nevertheless, we wish you well. Meanwhile we have written to the Minister concerned (James Purnell) to urge him not to reclaim Government’s costs should – heaven forbid – the action fail.

Saga’s petition on our website shows the substantial and growing level of support amongst the population at large for the Action Group.

Saga is confident that the merits of the case, reflected in the unequivocal verdict of the Ombudsman, and backed by your determination and passion, will ultimately see proper justice done.

With all best wishes,

Tim Bull,
Director, Saga Group

January 2007

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